The Planning Cell was established at Secretariat Level by the Health Department, Government of Balochistan in 1994. This was in line with the practices in the other Provinces of Pakistan at the time. Salient specific functions and responsibilities of the Planning Cell are:

  1. Ensuring the proper implementation of the annual planning cycle with timely preparation of situational analysis and strategic guidelines for all health plans including all short-term and long-term plans (ADP, SAP, Health Policy, Development Budget etc.)

  2. Carrying out all necessary planning activities to ensure the production of high quality plans including operational research, health systems research, and appraisal of services, programs and projects.

  3. Monitoring of all development schemes in terms of both, their financial and physical progress.

  4. Coordination and liaison of the Health Department with donors, other departments including P&D, Finance, other Planning Cells at Federal/Provincial Level.

  5. Liaison and coordination between Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education, and Primary & Secondary Healthcare Departments since the bifurcation of the Health Department, Government of Balochistan.